Diamond Education - The 4C's
Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands
and Diamond Side Stones in Platinum Prong Settings

Clarity: A flawless diamond has zero or almost impossible to see inclusions within its composition. Clarity is graded on the number, frequency, size and location of inclusions. The fewer imperfections, the greater the value of the diamond and the cleaner the diamond will have in appearance to the naked eye.

Cut: A diamond cut is the essential component of brilliance in how it reflects natural light and creates its magnificent sparkle.

When close to perfection the 4Cís makes any diamond prominent in any arrangement. Even though the color, clarity, and carat maybe close to perfect if the cut is fair or poor, then a diamond would seem pale or dull to the eye.

Color: The less color a diamond carries the rarer and the more sought after. The less color a diamond inherits the less hindrance to its brilliance.

Carat: Diamonds weight is measured in carats. The higher the carat size of a diamond the more valuable and rarer it becomes. The Woodbridge Jewelry Exchange jewelers display a very large selection of diamonds in many various carat sizes. We offer customers the convenience of the wide selection, while assuring the best possible price with integrity.

For an in depth education, visit the GIA link. Especially their 4C demonstration!

The Gemological Institute of America

The International Gemmological Institute

European Gemological Laboratories

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